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Dean's Speaker Series

Hosted by Dean Richard Lyons, the Dean's Speaker Series at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, is the highest profile speaker series at the school. Bringing in preeminent business leaders from both the private and public sector, the series provides our community with insightful perspectives on effective leadership and the opportunity for thought provoking discussions on current topics facing the business community and the world at large. The series aims to bring in speakers that reflect our diverse community and the diverse world in which our students will be working and leading.


Fall 2018 - Schedule Coming Soon

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for all DSS events. Please check back to this website for registration link. Registration typically does not open until 7-10 days prior to the event. These events are free, with priority registration given to students, staff, faculty, and invited guests of Berkeley Haas School of Business.


Past Speakers

These events are made possible in part by the Mary Josephine Hicks Distinguished Speaker Series Fund.


  • John Riccitiello BS 81, Chairman and CEO, Unity Technologies and Former CEO, Electronic Arts (February 1) watch
  • David Aaker, Haas Professor, Emeritus, Marketing & Public Policy; Vice Chairman, Prophet (February 13) watch
  • Michael Mikel, Founding Board Member, Burning Man Project In Conversation with Dean Rich Lyons, Co-sponsored by the Haas Net Impact Club and the Institute for Business & Social Impact (March 12) watch
  • Jonathan Haidt, Professor of Ethical Leadership, NYU Stern School of Business In Conversation with Prof. Laura Tyson and Prof. Robert Strand, Co-sponsored by the Department of Political Science and the Haas Institute of Business and Social Impact (April 4) watch
  • Ian Lee MBA 10, General Partner, Digital Asset Investment and Executive in Residence, Ideo In Conversation with Dean Rich Lyons (April 10) watch
  • Mellody Hobson, President, Ariel Investments In Conversation with Prof. Kellie McElhaney, Co-sponsored by the Center for Equity, Gender and Leadership (April 23) watch


  • Vincent Stanley, Director of Philosophy (aka Chief Storyteller), Patagonia Co-sponsored by The Peterson Speaker Series, Berkeley Haas Center for Responsible Business (February 2) watch
  • Chris Larsen, Chairman, former CEO and Co-founder, Ripple (February 7) watch
  • Anne Bakar, President & CEO, Telecare Corporation (March 16) watch
  • David Aaker, Haas Professor, Emeritus, Marketing & Public Policy; Vice Chairman, Prophet (April 11) watch
  • John Chambers, Executive Chairman and Former CEO, Cisco (September 20) watch
  • Utilizing Technology to Protect Freedom of Expression, Panel discussion featuring Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations, Brad Smith, President & Chief Legal Officer, Microsoft, and moderated by Alexa Koenig, Executive Director, Human Rights Center at Berkeley Law Co-sponsored with Peterson Speaker Series & Human Rights Center at Berkeley Law (September 28) watch
  • Jonathan Bush, CEO and Co-founder, athenahealth (October 4) watch

  • Carol Christ, Chancellor, UC Berkeley In Conversation with Dean Rich Lyons (October 12) watch
  • Diane Bryant, Group President, Intel In Conversation with Dean Rich Lyons (November 9) watch



  • Eleni Kounalakis, Former U.S. Ambassador to Hungary (February 4) watch
  • David Aaker, E.T. Grether Professor Emeritus of Marketing and Public Policy (February 24) watch
  • Dr. Robert Lustig M.D., Founder, Institute for Responsible Nutrition and Pediatric Endocrinologist, UC San Francisco (February 29) watch
  • Danae Ringelmann , Founder and Chief Development Officer, Indiegogo (March 3) watch
  • Ursula von der Leyen, Minister of Defense, Germany (March 10) watch
  • Scott Galloway MBA 92, Founder and Chairman, L2 inc., and Clinical Professor, NYU Stern School of Business (April 13) watch
  • Deborah Hopkins, Chief Innovation Officer, Citigroup and CEO, Citi Ventures (September 8) watch
  • Bob Shanks, EVP and CFO, Ford Motor Company (September 28) watch
  • Brexit: What Next? - Panel discussion moderated by Maria Carkovic, Exec. Dir., Clausen Center, featuring Berkeley Haas Prof. Andy Rose; UC Berkeley Profs. Barry Eichengreen and Gerard Roland; and SF Federal Reserve's Galina Hale (September 29) watch
  • Christie Smith, Managing Principal, Deloitte University Leadership Center for Inclusion (October 13) watch
  • Joann Lublin, Management News Editor, Wall Street Journal & Author, "Earning It: Hard-Won Lessons from Trailblazing Women at the Top of the Business World" (November 14) watch
  • Rosalind Brewer, President and CEO, Sam's Club, a division of Wal-Mart Stores Inc (November 29)


  • Gabriel Stricker, Chief Communications Officer, Twitter (February 18) video
  • Bengt Baron, CEO, Cloetta (March 5) video
  • Lisa Perez Jackson, Vice President of Environmental Initiatives, Apple (March 12) video
  • Ed Catmull , President, Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios (March 19) video
  • David Aaker, E.T. Grether Professor Emeritus of Marketing and Public Policy (April 1) video
  • Shang-Jin Wei, Chief Economist (April 13) video
  • Al Gore, Former Vice President of the United States (April 29) video
  • Kevin Roberts, Executive Chairman, Saatchi & Saatchi (September 8) video
  • Dr. Steven Chu, Former Secretary of Energy and Nobel Laureate (September 11) video
  • Pete Flint, Co-founder, Trulia and Board Member, Zillow Group (September 24) video
  • Putting a Woman on the Ten-Dollar Bill and Closing the Gender Gap in Finance - Panel discussion featuring Rosie Rios, Treasurer of the United States, Julie Bell BS 97, CFO, Tea Collection, Larissa Roesch MBA 97, Vice President & Portfolio Manager, Dodge & Cox, Morgana Davids MBA 16, Sydney Thomas MBA 16, and Rachel Park MBA/MPH 16 (September 28) video
  • Mitch Kapor, Founder, Lotus Development Corporation, Kapor Capital, and Kapor Center for Social Impact (October 5) video
  • Rick Welts, President and Chief Operating Officer, Golden State Warriors (October 13) video
  • Sustainable Food Entrepreneurship - Panel discussion with Will Rosenzweig (moderator), Dean and Director of the Food Business School, Alice Waters , Food Activist, Author, and Founder, Head Chef, and Owner at Chez Panisse and Claus Meyer, Entrepreneur, Professional Chef, and Co-founder of Noma (October 29) video
  • Joy Chen BS 87, Chairman and CEO, H2O Plus (November 4) video


  • Biz Stone, Co-founder and CEO, Jelly Industries Inc. & Co-founder, Twitter (November 6) video
  • Janet Napolitano, President, University of California & Former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security (November 4) video
  • Deanna Berkeley, President, alice + olivia (October 16) video
  • Income Inequality in the 21st Century - Faculty panel with Rich Lyons (moderator), Bank of America Dean & Professor of Business; Laura Tyson, Professor of Business Administration and Economics & former Chair of the U.S. President's Council of Economic Advisers during the Clinton Administration, and Emmanuel Saez, Professor of Economics, University of California, Berkeley (October 14) video
  • Bikram Singh, General and Former Chief of Army Staff, Indian Army
  • Tammy Smith, Brigadier General, U.S. Army Reserve (September 22) video
  • Duncan Niederauer, Former CEO, New York Stock Exchange
  • James White, President and CEO, Jamba Juice (September 3) video
  • Dr. Helene Gayle, President and CEO, CARE USA (April 29)video
  • David Aaker, Haas Professor Emeritus and Vice Chairman, Prophet (April 21) video
  • John Riccitiello, BS 81, Former CEO, Electronic Arts (March 19) video
  • Sandy Weill, Former CEO, Chairman, Citigroup (February 27)
  • Punit Renjen, Chairman, Deloitte LLP (February 12)
  • Daphne Koller, Founder, Coursera (February 3) video
  • Jennifer Granholm, Former Governor of Michigan (January 27) video


  • Kirsten Tobey, MBA 06, Co-founder, Revolution Foods (November 14) video
  • Mark Tercek, CEO, Nature Conservancy (October 31) video
  • Gurcharan Das, Former CEO, Procter and Gamble India (October 24) video
  • Alicia Boler-Davis, Senior Vice President, Global Quality & Customer Experience, General Motors (October 9)video
  • Joe Jimenez, MBA 84, CEO, Novartis (September 24)video
  • Gary Loveman, CEO and Chairman, Caesars Entertainment (September 5)video
  • David Aaker, Marketing Professor Emeritus (April 9)video
  • Colleen McCreary, Chief People Officer, Zynga (March 20)video
  • Salman Khan, Founder, Khan Academy (March 6)video
  • Gary Shansby, Founder and CEO of Partida Tequila, Founder of the Shansby Group (February 14)video
  • Bill Hambrecht, Chairman, W.R. Hambrecht & Co. (January 31)video


  • Janet Yellen, Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve (November 13)video
  • Patrick Awuah, MBA 99, Founder, Ashesi University (November 7)video
  • Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Company (October 30) video
  • Paul Otellini, MBA 74 ,CEO, Intel (October 3)video
  • Adam Bryant, Senior Features Editor, New York Times (September 20)video
  • Randall Stephenson, CEO, At&T (September 6) video
  • George Halvorson, CEO, Kaiser Permanente (April 12)video
  • Richard Sandor, Founder, Chicago Climate Exchange (April 12)video
  • Ginger Hardage, Senior Vice President of Culture and Communications, Southwest Airlines (April 5)video
  • Paul Polak, CEO, Windhorse International (March 13)video
  • David Aaker, Marketing Professor Emeritus (February 16)video
  • Jeff Fettig, CEO and President, The Whirlpool Corporation (February 6)video
  • Debby Hopkins, Chief Innovation Officer, Citi (January 31)video



  • Bob Lutz, BS 61, MBA 62, Retired Vice Chairman, General Motors (November 3) video
  • Carl Hahn, Former Chairman, Volkswagen (October 11)video
  • Yves Behar, Founder, fuseproject (October 3)video
  • Guy Kawasaki, Former Chief Evangelist, Apple (September 26)video
  • Kenneth Roth, Executive Director, Human Rights Watch (September 12)
  • Marek Belka, Head of the National Bank of Poland (August 30)video
  • David Cush, President & CEO, Virgin America (May 5) video
  • Ed Catmull, President & Co-founder, Pixar (April 21)
  • Stephanie DiMarco, CEO & Founder, Advent Software (March 29) video
  • Susan Peters, Vice President, Executive Development and Chief Learning Officer, GE (February 23)
  • David Aaker, Professor Emeritus, Haas Business School (February 16)video
  • Kal Patel, President, Best Buy Asia (February 2)video



  • Peter Levene, Chairmain, Lloyd's of London (November 30)video
  • Donald Knauss, Chairman & CEO, Clorox (October 20) video
  • John Chambers, Chairman & CEO, Cisco (September 28) video
  • Michael Lewis, Author, The Big Short (September 13) video
  • Stakeholders vs. Shareholders, Haas faculty debate, "Whom exactly should business serve?" Dean Rich Lyons, Professors Ernesto Dal Bó, Hayne Leland, David Vogel (September 8) video
  • David Aaker, E.T. Grether Professor Emeritus of Marketing and Public Policy, Haas School of Business (April 14) video
  • John Hagel, Co-Chairman, Deloitte Center for the Edge; Co-Author, The Power of Pull (April 13) video
  • Bill Block, Executive Producer & Founder, QED International (March 4)
  • Steve Ellis, BA 85, Worldwide Managing Director, Bain & Company (February 3) video
  • John Anderson, President & CEO, Levi Strauss & Co. (January 25) video



  • The Evolving Role of Design in Business - Sara Beckman, Faculty Director, Management of Technology Program; Michael Barry, Consulting Assistant Professor, Stanford Design Program; and a panel of experts on design thinking (November 5)
  • Tom Campbell, Professor and Former Dean, Haas School of Business; 2010 California Gubernatorial Candidate (November 4) video
  • Stephen Pratt, CEO & Managing Director, Infosys Consulting (October 20) video
  • Mark Hurd, President, CEO, & Chairman, HP (October 8) video
  • Vinod Khosla, Founder and Partner, Khosla Ventures (September 9) video
  • John Hanke, MBA 96, Vice President of Product Management, Google; Dr. Jamie Dinkelacker, Engineering Manager, Google Launch Team; Anthony Levandowski, Software Engineer, Google; Chikai Ohazama, Director of Product Management, Google (August 27) video
  • Paul Otellini, MBA 74, CEO, Intel (August 7)
  • Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco (May 11) video
  • Janet Yellen, President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (May 5) video
  • Chet Wood, Chairman and CEO, Deloitte Tax LLP, Managing Partner, US Merger & Acquisition Services, Deloitte LLP (April 28) video
  • Arun Sarin, MBA 78, former CEO, Vodafone (April 15) video
  • Bill Sullivan, President and CEO, Agilent Technologies (April 6) video
  • Series on the Financial Turmoil: “The Challenges of Managing in Turbulent Times” - Faculty panel with David Levine (moderator), Eugene E. and Catherine M. Trefethen Chair in Business Administration; Jenny Chatman, Paul J. Cortese Distinguished Professor of Management; and Laura Kray, Chair of the Haas Organizational Behavior and Industrial Relations Group and Harold Furst Associate Professor of Management Philosophy and Values (March 31)



  • Series on the Financial Turmoil: “Which Ethical Lines Were Crossed?”- Tom Campbell, former professor and dean; Adam Galinsky, visiting professor from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management; and Pablo Spiller, Jeffrey A. Jacobs Distinguished Professor in Business and Technology (December 11) video
  • Series on the Financial Turmoil: “Observations on the Financial Crisis”- Laura Tyson, S. K. and Angela Chan Professor of Global Management (November 18)
  • Michael Callen, Chairman and CEO of Ambac Financial Group (October 29) video
  • Series on the Financial Turmoil: Faculty Panel Teach-In - Hayne Leland, Arno Rayner Professor of Finance and Management; Nancy Wallace, California Chair of Real Estate and Urban Economics; and Jim Wilcox, Kruttschnitt Family Professor of Financial Institutions (October 6)
  • Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE (September 9) video
  • Barbara Desoer, MBA 77, President, Mortgage, Home Equity, and Insurance Services, Bank of America Corporation (August 20)
  • Tom Kelley, MBA 83, General Manager of IDEO and the Haas School's first Executive Fellow (August 19)
  • Bill Jasper, CEO of Dolby (August 19)
  • Glen Fukushima, President & CEO, Airbus Japan KK, Senior Vice President, Airbus SAS (March 21) video
  • Concord Coalition's "Fiscal Wake-Up Tour" - Tom Campbell, moderator (March 5) video
  • Michael Raynor, Deloitte Consulting, Innovation and Strategy Expert and Author (February 12)


  • “White-Collar Crime – Perspectives from a Convicted Felon and US Prosecutors” (November 27)
  • Warren Buffett, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway (November 19)
  • Donald Wurster, CEO, National Indemnity, A Berkshire Hathaway Company (November 19)
  • N.W. (Bill) Jasper Jr., CEO, president, and director of Dolby Laboratories (August 27)
  • David Wu, Price Waterhouse Coopers (Beijing) (February 21)
  • John Micklethwait, Editor-in-Chief, The Economist (February 6)
  • Tom Kelley, MBA 83, General Manager, IDEO; Author, The Ten Faces of Innovation (January 29)


  • Bruce Bodaken, chairman, president and CEO of Blue Shield of California, on leadership experiences described in his book, The Managerial Moment of Truth (November 9) video
  • Kirk Hachigian, CEO and Chairman of Cooper Industries (September 11)
  • Peter A. Darbee, Chairman, CEO and President of PG&E Corporation, speaks on diversity (August 21) video
  • Chen Feng, chairman of Hainan Airlines Company, which is China's fourth largest airline and its largest private airline (February 16)
  • Paul Otellini, MBA 74, CEO of Intel (February 1) video


  • Peter A. Georgescu, chairman emeritus of Young & Rubicam (August 25) video