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The Alumni Workspace on Slack is a place for professional networking opportunities and other activities that support the entire Berkeley Haas alumni community.

We hope that the workspace will support you in building new connections and fostering a community of mutual support.

  • Are you a new Slack user? You’ll need to create an account to join the Alumni Workspace. Please also see Slack’s guide for new members.
  • For existing Slack users, you can either choose to add the Alumni Workspace as a new Slack user or link it to your existing Slack account.
    • If you want to link the Alumni Workspace to your existing account, use the same email  you currently login into Slack with.
    • After you confirm your email, you can add the Alumni Workspace to the Desktop Slack App by clicking on the “+” in the App to Add Workspaces. When prompted, type in berkeleyhaasalumni into the your-workspace-url field and click Continue.
    • When the App re-opens the BerkeleyHaasAlumni Workspace should now be visible in your list of Workspaces.
  • Contact us if you continue to have issues:

Slack Norms

The Berkeley Haas Alumni Slack Workspace provides an opportunity for alumni to stay connected — to the school and to each other. It also offers students a platform to connect and network with alumni from all degree programs, industries, geographies and areas of interest and/or expertise.

It is the intent of this platform to remain professional and respectful of all members at all times. With this goal in mind, we set forth these norms:

  • Your Slack presence is an extension of your personal brand — represent yourself well.
  • Be helpful & collaborative: don’t only ask for help, but also provide it or share insights when applicable.
  • Assume best intent. Sometimes tone and context are lost in text.
  • Be responsive and follow-up respectfully — in a manner and timeframe you would expect of others.
  • Keep your status up-to-date with details of your availability, if applicable.
  • Add content that is valuable and relevant to the Berkeley Haas channel where you are posting (e.g. if you are looking for career connections or job opportunities, post your request in the “Hire Haas” and appropriate industry related channels).
  • Keep your posts targeted (presume that individuals won’t see your message unless you @ them) and don’t notify everyone in the channel with urgency unnecessarily.
  • Re-read your message before you hit send. However, if you need to edit a post/message, that function is always available.
  • Know when another platform, such as email, is preferable (e.g. follow-up to an informational interview or recruiting conversation).
  • Don’t forget to communicate and network with your Berkeley Haas community outside of Slack.

Updated 8.6.20

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