Alumni Networking

The best place to start networking is through the @cal Alumni Directory. Create your profile and connect with alumni by industry, job function, or location.
@cal contains:

  • all 40,000 Haas alumni and students
  • all 450,000 UC Berkeley alumni

Never logged in? See “TIP” at the bottom of this page.

Update Your Information
Moved recently? Started a new job?

Simply log in to the @cal Alumni Directory and update any fields that have changed. This syncs your information with all units at Cal, so you never need to worry about staying connected to campus.

Your information will default to a private account unless you choose to make it public.

The Power of Networking
LinkedIn and the @cal Alumni Directory

There are many ways to use LinkedIn and the @cal Alumni Directory together to find and contact specific alumni who can help you leverage your network. View our suggestions to get you started.

Activate Your Public Profile in @cal
What it does:

  • Verifies your Berkeley Haas degree.
  • Displays to the general public—with no login required
  • Shows up on search engine results
  • Allows anyone to privately contact you
  • Allows you to link to your social media accounts

How to set it up:

  • LOGIN and click on the “Profile” tab
  • Be sure to check “Show Contact Link,” so anyone can contact you. (Your email address will never be displayed in your public profile.)


* TIP: If you have never logged into the @cal Alumni Directory you will need a CalNet ID and Passphrase. Forgot CalNet ID? or Password? Need more Help? Click here to apply for a Calnet ID if you graduated before 2009.