Haas is conducting cutting-edge research through our research institutes and centers. Our centers and institutes, run by faculty, serve as intellectual hubs for faculty, students, and members of the business community.

Individuals from all over the world come to Berkeley Haas to study and generate New Thinking including: new courses, academic programs, community outreach, published research, and partnerships among academics, industry, and government.

We invite students to question the status quo in their chosen field of study and become involved in creating new thinking alongside our faculty.

Institute for Business Innovation

The Institute for Business Innovation (IBI) trains students to be inventive and entrepreneurial leaders, and disseminates pioneering research on innovation.

IBI is home to a variety of programs in management, corporate innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Fisher Center for Business Analytics

Advances the creation of business value from data science

Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation

Captures the value of Open Innovation, innovative products, and services in large-enterprise innovation

Berkeley Culture Initiative

Delivers cutting-edge research on the role of culture in shaping organizational effectiveness

Berkeley Haas Entrepreneurship

Teaches entrepreneurial thinking and supports students launching new ventures

Center for Growth Markets

Focuses on growth and development challenges in fast-growing economies across the world

Innovation, Creativity, and Design Practice

Develops hands-on innovation, creativity, and design thinking skills and methods to lead change

Tusher Initiative for Management of Intellectual Capital

Focuses on management and policy issues surrounding intangible assets and firm competitiveness

Institute for Business & Social Impact

The Institute for Business & Social Impact (IBSI) focuses on pressing social and environmental challenges in the for-profit, nonprofit, and public sectors.

IBSI unites a broad array of programs to empower members of the Haas community in developing creative and effective solutions to urgent social and environmental challenges. Core to the institute are these centers.

Center for Responsible Business

Addresses social and environmental challenges and prepares students to design path-bending careers with social impact

Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership

Supports research and teaching in gender equity and inclusion

Energy Institute at Haas

The Energy Institute at Haas (EI) bridges the gap between the frontiers of energy research and the marketplace.

Cleantech to Market

Brings together students, entrepreneurs, researchers, and industry professionals to accelerate the commercialization of emerging clean technologies

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Berkeley Center for Economics and Politics

Explores the science of good governance, including transparency and political accountability and the consequences of corruption, war, and civil violence

Center for Financial Reporting and Management

Promotes innovative financial and managerial accounting education

Center for Social Sector Leadership

Offers social sector training, research, and career development for students and alumni

Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics

Educates students and real estate professionals through research on real estate, urban economics, the California economy, land use, and public policy

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