When you attend Berkeley Haas you are joining the unique ecosystem of the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. It’s an unparalleled learning lab for innovation unlike anywhere in the world.

The Bay Area is home to 2,000+ tech companies, the densest concentration in the world. As a result, every business in the area has changed. One-hundred-year-old firms are reinventing themselves as they see the impact of technology in their lives and on their business. The vibrancy of the Bay Area gives the firms located here a comparative advantage over other locations. And Berkeley Haas is a key component of the talent required to drive the success of this ecosystem.

After all, if young, smart, tech savvy professionals can study anywhere, why wouldn’t they want to live someplace fun, with a thriving music and art scene, underground bars and cafes? More importantly, live and work in a place with a history of dynamic performance, where the global economy is being transformed?

Come check us out and see for yourself why we’re Berkeley Haas: The Heart of What’s Next™.