The Berkeley Haas difference starts with our take on leadership. We believe that the best leaders are authentic leaders who work with and through others to create unexpected solutions to the world’s most difficult problems. Thanks to our strong culture and our location at the epicenter of the innovation economy, we think we do this differently from any other school.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” said Peter Drucker. As the world’s most distinguished-by-culture business school, we believe and act on the importance of culture. Our Defining Leadership Principles are ingrained in everything we do: whom we admit and how we instruct, reward, and act. We are a community that brings out the best in each other. Ask yourself: Who do you want to associate yourself with for the next 30 years of your career?

Thanks to our location, Berkeley Haas is the heart of what’s next—influencing industries that are inventing new technologies and business models that are the driving force of economic growth.

At Berkeley Haas, we create progress through innovation, inclusion, and sustainability. Innovation and entrepreneurship provide the backbone for change, progress, and wealth creation. Inclusion means that a better life is possible for all of us. Sustainability ensures that we will be able to continue to live, work, and prosper on this planet together. The three are inextricably linked.

Berkeley Haas provides the research, thought leadership, and talent development to lead the way to a more inclusive and sustainable future. Forty percent of employers find it difficult to recruit employees who are adept at critical thinking, communication, and constant adaptability—skills that are critical to future business success. That’s where Berkeley Haas stands out. We don’t just analyze the innovation economy. We help create what’s next.

Finally, the Berkeley Haas difference lies in the strength of its tight-knit community. Our smaller class size ensures that students really get to know and work closely with their classmates and teachers; it fosters an intimacy critical to personal development. Because at Haas we share a common culture and leadership principles, students feel at home from the day they set foot on campus, develop to their fullest potential, and make friends for life.

It’s not just about your choice of business school, it’s what life you choose.