The Experimental Social Science Laboratory (Xlab) conducts experiment-based investigations of issues of interest to social scientists.

Xlab supports UC Berkeley’s world-class research by providing

  • access to participant pools
  • experiment coordination
  • access to software and grants
  • dedicated space with 36 computers
  • technical and administrative support, including payment support

Xlab supports in-lab, online, mobile, and external in-person experiments. Xlab was established with a grant from National Science Foundation and the Vice Chancellor for Research and is supported by the dean of the Haas School of Business.

Behavioral Lab

The Behavioral Lab at Berkeley Haas provides a variety of services for behavioral research studies on business-related topics, including

  • participant pools
  • an online experiment management system
  • payment procedures
  • and software and experiment rooms with research tools and technologies

The Behavioral Lab is located in the Haas School of Business.