Announcing "The Culture Kit with Jenny & Sameer"

In this new short-form podcast, Jenny Chatman and Sameer Srivastava—the Center’s Co-Directors and two Berkeley Haas professors who have dedicated their careers to studying and advancing workplace culture—will answer your questions about the most vexing workplace culture problems organizations are struggling with today. They’ll share insights based on evidence from the latest research and offer concrete steps you can take to fix your company’s culture. Tune in to The Culture Kit with Jenny & Sameer, which launched on April 2nd, 2024 and is on all major podcast platforms!

Partnership Opportunities

The Berkeley Center for Workplace Culture and Innovation (BCC) is a generative convergence point for corporate and academic leaders concerned with organizational culture. We invite our corporate partners to join us in a year long, highly curated learning experience. As a BCC partner, your executives will have the opportunity to network and idea share with their peers, learn from industry leaders, and gain actionable insights from the latest, cutting edge research.

Academic Community

BCC convenes a large, global community of elite academics concerned with organizational culture. Last year, BCC reviewed 75 academic papers related to culture and selected 25 for presentation at its annual conference. Each year, the Center’s academic community grows in size, enthusiasm, and intellectual rigor.