Berkeley Executive Education Program

Berkeley Executive Education prides itself on empowering leaders to reach their full potential. Led by renowned UC Berkeley faculty, Berkeley Executive Education programs equip global executives and their organizations with the vision, culture, and capabilities to thrive in an ever-changing world. The immersive programs offer both global and industry relevance that executives can immediately apply to shape their careers and put themselves ahead of the curve.

As the second-oldest business school in the United States, challenging convention is at the heart of the Haas School of Business and a driving force behind all programs offered at Berkeley Executive Education. In every program, they strive to unlock new ideas and ways of thinking, push traditional boundaries, and facilitate the discovery of fresh and unique approaches that defy the status quo.

We’ve curated below programs that are especially pertinent to the understanding of workplace culture best practices, initiatives, and thinking.


Leading Strategy Execution through Culture

The Leading Strategy Execution Through Culture program was designed to bridge the gap between culture and strategy—providing business leaders with research-based tools to nurture a positive company culture to achieve the company’s strategic vision. The program centers around visionary leadership and the application of your leadership style to advance organizational performance.

CEO Program

The Berkeley CEO Program has been designed to transform senior professionals into leaders who possess the foresight, agility, and influence to lead a global organization.

CTO Program

The Berkeley Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Program is designed for professionals with experience in the technology function who want to step into senior management roles.

Berkeley Executive Leadership Program

Berkeley Executive Leadership is the flagship leadership program exclusively tailored for global executives seeking to advance their leadership qualities, develop a deeper connection to their talents, and build skills that strategically address business challenges head-on.

Women’s Executive Leadership

While women have made substantial gains in the business world, today’s workplace has yet to fully embrace female power, authority, and leadership. The Women’s Executive Leadership training program provides a safe space to collaborate with all genders to achieve a new understanding of women in business.

Technology Leadership Program

In a rapidly changing technology landscape, business leaders need to understand new technologies and be able to create a cohesive strategy around them. The Berkeley Technology Leadership Program is designed to teach the strategies and processes required to successfully implement technology.

Berkeley Changemaker

The Berkeley Changemaker® is an inclusive leadership training founded on UC Berkeley’s core values. Throughout the program, you will acquire the hard skills needed to be a changemaker for a positive impact, regardless of your industry, as well as lead with purpose.

AI Business Strategies & Applications

Gain a foundational understanding of AI and how it can be positioned to improve efficiency and effectiveness across your organization.

Equity Fluent Leadership Academy

Throughout the EFL Academy, participants will learn how to advance belonging and psychological safety in their organization and teams, how to communicate and use language that advances inclusion, and how to have courageous conversations related to DEI.

Executive Program in Digital Transformation and AI Program

The program explores the role of AI, emphasizing how its potential can be harnessed across organizational processes. Participants will develop advanced digital acumen to craft future business strategies, identify and prioritize monetization opportunities, and learn the influence of generative AI, automation, and machine learning.

New Manager Boot Camp

New Manager Boot Camp is designed to address all of the crucial skills managers need to work agilely and cause impact. Participants will acquire management skills, learn how to successfully handle conflict resolution, enforce time management, and maintain business agility.

Digital Transformation: Leading People, Data & Technology

Drawing from a mix of tools and frameworks from data science, IT management, and marketing, participants in the online Digital Transformation program will learn from top thought leaders in digital transformation.

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