What is the Berkeley Center for Workplace Culture and Innovation?

BCC aims to usher in the next generation of culture research, one that draws on a wide range of data sources and computational methods to uncover different facets of culture within and across organizations and industries. We partner with organizations and academics from a wide diversity of disciplines and industries to lead these efforts, with the ultimate goal of leveraging research insights to help organizations function more effectively and advance academic understanding.

The Center puts on various events throughout the year to promote discussion and create a shared research agenda between academia and industry, culminating in our annual Culture Conference. Through talks, discussions, and activities led by leaders from industry and academia, the conference convenes leading academic researchers studying organizational culture and a set of strong-culture company leaders to deepen the dialogue about how to address various culture-related challenges, such as fostering a culture of innovation and inclusion, introducing large-scale cultural change and tracking its progress, and understanding the impact of culture on firm and employee performance.

Our Goals:

Shared Research Agenda

Bring together industry leaders and academic thought leaders together to develop a shared research agenda that simultaneously advances managerial practice and academic knowledge.

Academic Research

Understand from leading academics the frontiers of knowledge about organizational culture.

Industry Partnership

Identify the most promising opportunities and challenges facing industry leaders who aim to harness organizational culture as a strategic resource.