Berkeley Haas MBA alumni are invited to audit a graduate-level course at the Haas school for free, either in the Fall or the Spring semester — a benefit made possible by the Haas Annual Fund.

The application process is announced by email each July 15 and December 15. Please make sure your preferred email address is current in our database by emailing us at

For additional policies regarding the MBA Alumni Audit Program please download this PDF.

See what others are saying about the MBA Alumni Audit Program:
“I think that it’s a great idea to make this available. If we demand of businesses that they continually innovate in response to the needs of their constituents, we can demand the same of schools. I’m glad to see it taking place!”

“…An outstanding experience … well-structured and well-paced classes … I was again impressed with the Haas students, just as I was 23 years ago … a powerful way to strengthen my ties to Haas, as well as to enhance my understanding of the strategic management of nonprofit organizations.”

“I learned so much from that class and greatly appreciate the time and thought you put into making it as cohesive and all-encompassing as you did. With your insight, I have had an easy time forming a company and discussing the opportunity with potential investors (several top tier VCs and a few angels). We have begun to make a little revenue as of last week!”