Anastassia Fedyk, a behavioral economist and assistant professor of finance at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, is available for television, radio, and print interviews on the war in Ukraine.

As a Ukrainian American with close ties to the region, Fedyk has been following the crisis closely. Topics she can speak on:

  • Sanctions (their effect on Russia, as well as their economic effect on the U.S. & Europe)
  • The role of the private sector (voluntary divestments from Russia)
  • Economic/diplomatic role of China
  • Behavioral economics perspective (on incentives & actions)
  • Regional expertise on Russians and Ukrainians (she has lived in both countries)
  • Strategies to rebuild Ukraine after the war
  • What different potential outcomes would look like: Russia wins/Ukraine wins/stalemate

Recent appearances include:

Media Contact: 

Laura Counts, [email protected], 510-643-9977