In the 16 years since the publication of “Open Innovation” launched a new paradigm for bringing new technologies to market, Henry Chesbrough’s ideas about the power of collaborative business models have been embraced by companies around the world.

Now Chesbrough is back to close the loop with his most ambitious work to date. “Open Innovations Results: Going Beyond the Hype and Getting Down to Business,”(Oxford University Press, 2019), acts as a guide for overcoming the roadblocks organizations face in creating and profiting from innovation. 

The book also offers a roadmap for restoring productivity and economic growth for society as a whole.  

“Chesbrough presents a bold yet practical guide to harnessing the extraordinary power of boundary-spanning innovation,” said Gary Hamel, business strategy thinker and director of the Management Innovation eXchange. “This is essential reading for anyone who understands there are only two choices today: innovate or evaporate.”

Open innovation centers on the idea that companies stand more to gain from making use of external ideas, and sharing their own innovations through licensing, sales, partnerships, and spinoffs, than from trying to do it all themselves..  

Chesbrough is available to speak on: 

  • Why is productivity down when innovation is way up, and what can we do about it?
  • How should we respond to the rise of China?
  • Has open innovation—the idea that companies should draw from outside ideas and share their own unused ideas—been overhyped?
  • What are the roadblocks that prevent companies from creating and profiting from innovation?

Rooted in two decades of extensive field research and packed with real examples of successes and failures, “Open Innovation Results” offers a powerful new paradigm for managing corporate research and bringing new technologies to market. 


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In ambitious new book, Henry Chesbrough shows how to get results from open innovation

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Open Innovation Results | Going Beyond The Hype And Getting Down To Business

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