Professional Faculty
Persuasive Communication & Interpersonal Dynamics


Kai believes that the essence of leadership is clarity of purpose. We’re all leaders—whether we’re leading organizations, teams, relationships, or our own lives—keeping our eyes on why we do what we do keeps us grounded and awake. Clarity helps us see our interconnections and the true expanse of influence we do have now. When we can see our true influence more clearly, we are more capable of achieving the outcomes we most care about. But before everything else we need to learn to rest and find stillness in tumult – without this inner skill, our influence in the world is driven by our own reactions and unseen needs rather than our purpose.

Expertise and Research Interests

  • Improvisation as Pedagogy for Leadership Development
  • Cross-Functional Leadership Capabilities
  • Adult Developmental Theory
  • Mental Fitness for Leaders
  • Making Meaning at Work