Continuing Professional Faculty
Persuasive Communication & Interpersonal Dynamics

Leadership Coach and Educator


Leadership Coach and Educator Alison Meyer helps organizations and leaders increase human performance across people, organizations, and cultures. In addition to teaching, she provides designed learning programs, executive coaching, speaker coaching, and team facilitation and strategy to clients such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Ubisoft, SAP, PayPal, Google/Nest, Ziff-Davis and numerous start-ups. Prior to leadership coaching, Meyer worked at Apple/iTunes where she helped build the global digital content business, and before that ran a consultancy in accounting and operations for SMEs. Once upon a time she was an award-winning actor/singer.

Expertise and Research Interests

Leadership Performance:
• Leadership psychology
• Stretch Performance Lab: hands-on leadership experiences and methods
• Building learning organizations
• Leadership development

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion:
• Business strategy and value
• Structural analysis and implementation for change
• Interpersonal communication structures