Sarin Chair in Strategy and Leadership | Professor of Economics
Economic Analysis & Policy | Business & Public Policy

Leading expert on e-commerce and internet economics


Steve Tadelis holds the Sarin Chair in Strategy and Leadership and is a Professor of Economics at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. His research primarily revolves around e-commerce and the economics of the internet.

During the 2016-2017 academic year he was on leave at Amazon, where he applied economic research tools to a variety of product and business applications and worked with technologists, computer and ML scientists, and business leaders. During the 2011-2013 academic years he was on leave at eBay research labs, where he hired and led a team of research economists who focused on the economics of e-commerce, with particular attention to creating better matches of buyers and sellers; reducing market frictions by increasing trust and safety in eBay’s marketplace; understanding the underlying value of different advertising and marketing strategies; and exploring the market benefits of different pricing structures.

Aside from the economics of e-commerce, his main fields of interest are the economics of incentives and organizations, industrial organization, and microeconomics. Tadelis explored firm reputation as a valuable, tradable asset; the effects of contract design and organizational form on firm behavior with applications to outsourcing and privatization; public and private sector procurement and award mechanisms; and the determinants of trust.

Expertise and Research Interests

  • E-Commerce
  • Competition and Industrial Organization
  • Procurement Contracting
  • Incentives and Economics of Organizations
  • Theory of the Firm
  • Game Theory