Room Features

  • Air Conditioning, Yes
  • Windows, Yes
  • Voice Amplification, Yes
  • Remote Speaker, Yes
  • Assisted Listening, Yes
  • Lecture Capture, Yes
  • Remote Audience, Yes
  • Hybrid, Yes
  • Annotatable Monitor, Yes
  • Zoom meeting capable, Yes

AV Capabilities

Installed cameras for video recording, web conferencing, and remote/hybrid instruction abilities. Up to eight wireless lapel microphones and eight wireless hand-held microphones, plus a fixed gooseneck lectern microphone, can be used simultaneously. There are two 55" confidence monitors. Also includes one 22" touch-enabled annotation monitor at the lectern, and one 65" standing touch-enabled electronic whiteboard. There are two traditional whiteboards and markers. One installed lectern PC with keyboard and mouse with wired internet connection. Input for BYOD device (instructor laptop) with USB-C, HDMI, Mini DisplayPort connections available (auto-switched, no dongles/video adapters needed). Some services only available by request.


1 Projection Screen 2 Confidence Monitors

Student Microphones



Included or BYOD

Recording Options

By Advance Request Only (Form)