The Heart of What’s Next

Berkeley Haas is the heart of what’s next—inventing new technologies and business models that are the driving force of economic and societal growth. Our unique culture and mission inform a lofty goal: to make Haas the most innovative, inclusive, and sustainable business school in the world.

Innovation and entrepreneurship provide the backbone for change, progress, and wealth creation. Inclusion means that a better life is possible for all of us. Sustainability ensures that we will be able to continue to live, work, and prosper on this planet together. The three are inextricably linked and fundamental to our collective future.

Campaign Priorities

Making Berkeley Haas the leading business school for entrepreneurship and innovation.

We aim to become the gateway to entrepreneurship across campus and the top business school for purpose driven entrepreneurship. To support this achievable goal, we must invest in faculty, programming to bring VCs and CEOs to campus, internships, competitions, and the creation of an Entrepreneurship Hub—a dynamic place where students, faculty, and alumni will come together to foster new ventures.

Becoming the most equitable and diverse business school globally.

In this global world, the highest-performing teams are diverse and inclusive. Berkeley Haas develops future leaders who can lead diverse teams and harness machine learning and artificial intelligence to spur inclusive growth. To create a truly diverse business school, however, we must enhance our outreach efforts, scholarship programs, culture, recruitment, and admissions.

Building degree programs that are rooted in sustainable business practices.

As the top public business school, Berkeley Haas must teach our students to lead in a sustainable and inclusive economy by designing and implementing new business models, policies and solutions, and managing the transition to a low-carbon economy. We are uniquely positioned to prepare thousands of sustainability-minded leaders each year—not just for careers in sustainability—but to bring a sustainability lens to every role, function, and decision within their organizations. To do this, we must grow our faculty and research capabilities, expand our curriculum, and create more opportunities for students to focus on sustainability in business.

Growing our faculty—our school's greatest strength.

Berkeley Haas’ professors foster inquiry and generate discovery, sharing new insights with students and with the world. These thinkers and teachers — devoted to cultivating knowledge and challenging preconceptions — are at the heart of our preeminence. While our student body has grown by 30%, the number of ladder faculty has remained where it was in 1980. To enhance our reputation, we must grow our faculty through new Chancellor’s Chairs.

Enhancing our undergraduate experience by expanding to a four-year degree program.

We have a unique opportunity to set a new standard for undergraduate business education and make Berkeley Haas the top choice of students pursuing a degree in business. By offering guaranteed admission to a world-class program, an unparalleled four-year learning experience, and prestigious scholarship support, we can attract the best, brightest, and most diverse class of undergraduates.

How You Can Light The Way

Getting to what’s next means taking steps into unknown territory—and we need leaders like you to help light the way forward. Giving to Haas empowers leaders who use business know-how to transform causes into movements, go well beyond giving and turn profit into impact, question the status quo, and use the power and influence they gain to lift others.

Help create a brighter tomorrow.

Where there’s a will, there’s always a way. And your gift to Haas shines a light on the pathway forward into the future we all want to see.

Give to Haas

Your Gift, Used for Good.

Leaders like you recognize that business can be used as a tool for good—one that will enable the positive change we want to see in society. Give back to Haas and fuel our collective future.

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