Make an impact year after year (after year).

By making a three-year commitment to the Haas Fund at the Leadership Society level, your gift can do more and inspire others to give — today, tomorrow and beyond.

Be part of the Foundation for Excellence Campaign.

What if your gift to the Haas School of Business could do more than respond to immediate needs? What if it could anticipate opportunities and spur true innovation?

What if your donation could also build a higher, more sustainable foundation for Berkeley Haas? A foundation that would amplify our school’s excellence. Our societal impact. Our reputational strength.

This is the charge of our Foundation for Excellence Campaign, a bold effort to transform the very concept of leadership giving.

Your three-year leadership-level commitment will build on the gifts of others, compounding and strengthening the Haas Fund to an ambitious new height of $5 million each year.

The Foundation for Excellence is a campaign for leaders among leaders. Leaders like yourself — creating a foundation to ensure the excellence of Berkeley Haas today and tomorrow.


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Pledge to give to the Haas Fund at the Haas Leadership Society level for the next three years.

Receive special recognition and an invitation to an exclusive event honoring your commitment.

Build a strong, sustainable, and flexible financial base, and advance our school’s reputation.


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