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December 19, 2008


Haas School of Business Media Contact:


Pamela Tom                                          Ute Frey
 (510) 642-2734                                      (510) 642-0342  
ptom@haas.berkeley.edu                       frey@haas.berkeley.edu


UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business Experts on the Holiday Retail Market

Faculty experts at the University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business are available to comment. on topics relating to holiday shopping, the retail market and consumer trends.



Also find faculty experts to address issues regarding the economy, housing/mortgages, and finance:



Teck H. Ho
William Halford Jr. Family Professor of Marketing
Director, Asia Business Center
Office: (510) 643-4272
E-mail: hoteck@haas.berkeley.edu

Expertise: Retail industry pricing; bundling strategies; customer value analysis


Zsolt Katona
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Haas Marketing Group
Office: (510) 643-1426
E-mail: skatona@haas.berkeley.edu

Expertise: Online advertising; search advertising and online marketing; marketing in social networks; business to business marketing 


John Morgan
Gary & Sherron Kalbach Chair in Business Administration
Haas Economic Analysis and Policy Group
Founding Director, Xlab
Faculty Co-Director, Fisher Information Technology Center  
Office: (510) 642-2669
E-mail: rjmorgan@haas.berkeley.edu
Expertise: Internet pricing strategies; online auctions; competition in online markets


Miguel Villas-Boas
 J. Gary Shansby Professor of Marketing Strategy
Director, Ph.D. Program
Haas Marketing Group
Office: (510) 642-1250
E-mail: villas@haas.berkeley.edu
Expertise: Pricing; information strategies; incentives; consumer choice;  competitive strategy;  market analytics; industrial organization;  customer relationship management.


NOTE: The university will be closed for the holidays from December 24, 2008, until January 5, 2009.

E-mail is the best way to reach faculty experts during the break.

Haas media contacts will also be available by e-mail:

Pamela Tom (Dec. 19-26) or Ute Frey (Dec 27 through Jan. 4).