Innovation & Design


Elizabeth Kovats is a faculty member at the Berkeley Haas School of Business and UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering.  Her areas of focus include innovation, technology management, entrepreneurship and philosophy.  In addition to her teaching of undergraduate and graduate students, she regularly collaborates with innovation executives working in Silicon Valley.  She has partnered with big tech firms as well as numerous innovation labs across a variety of industries involving Fortune 500 companies.  Thanks to these collaborations, her view of innovation is continually growing.  Prior to her work in the academy, she helped scale operations for a start-up in the high technology industry, from start-up through to IPO.  Elizabeth studied creative writing at the University of Arizona and University of Iowa, and holds an MTS from the Jesuit School of Theology, with a focus on ethics.

Expertise and Research Interests

  • Design and innovation
  • Ethics and philosophy
  • Responsible innovation
  • Human centered approaches in legal contexts and machine learning implementations