Lecturer | Director, High Impact Teams & Research | Team@Haas
Management of Organizations

Leading Expert on High Impact Teaming


Brandi Pearce is on the faculty in Management of Organizations and the Faculty Director of Teams@Haas. Prior to earning her doctorate, Pearce worked in the Silicon Valley leading alliance teams for Oracle Corporation, one of the world’s most innovative global organizations in the management of strategic partnerships. She deeply values the intersection between evidence-based management and organizational practice. These principals spill over into her research where she works directly with teams, individual contributors, and executives in Global Fortune 500 organizations all over the world to explore how collaborative dynamics drive creativity, employee engagement, and innovation. It is her hope that students will leave Haas feeling inspired and confident about their potential to lead teams and create value for their future organizations. Colleagues and students describe Pearce as “collaborative and approachable” as well as “curious and passionate.” She aims to be a student always and admires those who can lead with and through others.

Expertise and Research Interests

  • High Impact Teaming, Collaborative Dynamics in Complex Global Organizations
  • Place Identity Formation, Contemporary Office Designs & Collaboration
  • Transfer of Collaborative Innovation Practices in Global Organizations