Helping clients redefine how they do business globally

Tomorrow’s Leaders at Work

The IBD program integrates project-based consulting with Berkeley Haas’ core instruction, providing MBA students with a strong foundation in the principles of general management.  IBD project teams work to address a multitude of real world business challenges, imparting thoughtful leadership and innovative thinking to client engagements.

Our MBA Students

IBD has been a successful consulting program at Berkeley Haas for over 25 years, working with a wide variety of organizations in 89 countries. No matter what the nature, size or geographic location of your organization, IBD is well equipped to respond to your project requirements. Our highly qualified MBA students enter Berkeley Haas with significant industry experience: the average Full-Time MBA student has five years of work experience, while the average Evening & Weekend MBA student has seven to eight years of work experience.

IBD Faculty Mentors

Our Faculty Mentors are seasoned veterans in consulting, entrepreneurship and international management. Through the practical application of academic frameworks, our experienced faculty will meet regularly with your IBD student team to offer strategic guidance and ensure the project is progressing according to plan.

Project Teamwork

Berkeley Haas IBD culture prioritizes student teamwork, as well as listening to and building upon the insights of our clients. IBD teams collaborate closely with you to address your organization’s challenges, seeking implementable strategic solutions in a timely manner.

Berkeley Haas Location

The vibrant culture of the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley provides Berkeley Haas students with access to world-class entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and innovative thought leaders. As an important part of the University of California, the Berkeley campus itself provides multi-disciplinary partnerships with departments undertaking ground-breaking research.