Teaching Resources

Materials and videos from past teaching workshops: key teaching topics, instructional support, and a reference library.

Cases & Syllabi

A searchable database, plus information about the case method

New Faculty Orientation

Videos and handouts by Haas’ most successful instructors and outside consultants

The Compendium for Teaching Excellence (CTE) provides resources to enable faculty to become exceptional instructors. Whether you are a new instructor seeking insight into teaching the case method, a veteran instructor who wants a new perspective on classroom presentation or grading strategies, a ladder faculty member looking to improve teaching evaluations, or an old hand developing a new course, CTE offers a range of resources to help you improve as an instructor and elevate learning for Haas students.

The Compendium holds a wide-ranging collection of curated materials for teaching excellence from many sources, including experienced and award-winning Haas faculty members. These include:


The teaching resources section has materials from past teaching workshops as well as videos:


This section offers a searchable databases of both the cases that are taught here and syllabi from Berkeley Haas courses.  Here you can learn more about the Case method, find out what cases are already in use at Haas, understand the protocol for faculty on the adoption of new Cases, review cases developed here in the Berkeley Haas Case series or find cases written to promote diversity and inclusion.


This is a set of videos and downloadable hand-outs on various teaching topics covered at the most recent New Faculty Orientation. Presented by Haas’ most successful instructors and outside consultants, the workshops offer a mix of practical teaching suggestions, introduction to the culture of Berkeley Haas, and insight into such salient teaching topics as the case method and participant-centered learning.

Congratulations to our Cheit Award Winners!

Ulrike Malmendier

Professor, Finance Group Prof. Malmendier received the
2015 Distinguished Teaching Award,
UC Berkeley’s most prestigious award for teaching.