Are you developing a new course? Interested in how others are structuring their courses? Want to learn more about the case method, understand which cases are used in different Haas courses, or read more deeply about experiential learning?

CTE has archived a wide range of materials on teaching excellence from many sources, including experienced and award-winning Haas faculty members. These include:

  • Key Teaching Topics: all teaching resources organized by topic or subject matter. [requires Haas authentication]
  • Top Teachers Talk: short videos on teaching technique by top teachers. [requires Haas authentication]
  • Workshops and Videos: videos and downloadable hand-outs on various teaching topics covered at recent Teaching Excellence Series workshops and Continuous Learning Events. [requires Haas authentication]
  • Instructional Support: faculty information, teaching tools, and other resources
  • Reference Library: books, training materials, and articles on teaching in general, as well as specific aspects, such as the case method
  • Teaching Tips: tips from Distinguished Teaching Award winner and former dean Rich Lyons