The BASE Summer Program is an intensive, six-week educational experience designed to provide students with a solid grounding in the fundamentals of management. The program provides a wonderful opportunity for students to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Our graduates work as:

Comments from BASE Alumni

“The BASE program gave me an essential business background that I continue to carry into my education, research, and internships. As a chemical engineer with a technical background, companies like Chevron and P&G have been impressed by my additional understanding of finance and marketing. This has distinguished me as an applicant in an incredibly competitive pool.” -Lauren Simitz, Northwestern University

“The BASE Summer Program has definitely been a rewarding experience. From the classroom to office tours, I have received a strong education about the ins and outs of the professional business world.” -Victor Tong, UC Berkeley

“The BASE program played an instrumental role in what industry I chose to pursue by providing me with a well structured first experience into the different fields of business.” -Brian Sze, Stanford University

“BASE was a great learning experience and a stepping stone into the Business World.” -Corina Wong, UC Berkeley

“The BASE program did help me a lot getting a job as Haas is a well known business school and I had better chances with business background (especially Finance and Accounting).”-Connie Von Sanden, University of Exeter, United Kingdom

“[BASE] gave me a better handle on what to expect from the business world, and gave me the opportunity to explore a number of career options that I had not previously considered.” -Nancy Muff, UC Berkeley

“BASE gave me knowledge and confidence I need to approach the business world with a liberal arts degree. “ -Laurie Wilson, UCLA