Why Access and Diversity Matter. Why Boost Matters.

At Berkeley Haas we are redefining the business school graduate. A fundamental step is to celebrate our shared values, and we’ve codified them for the first time in our defining principles: People who question the status quo, project confidence without attitude, learn as students always, and think beyond themselves. These values are shared across our whole community, from faculty to PhDs to MBAs to undergraduates, as well as our college pipeline program, Boost.

At Berkeley Haas we strive to offer a core, elective, and experiential curriculum that will deliver leaders who create the future. What will that future look like? By around 2042, minorities currently one-third of the U.S. population will become the majority. The diversity of people of California has been a source of innovation and accomplishment throughout our state’s history. Leading corporations also understand how vital is it to their business to enhance diversity.

By focusing on the opportunity gap in education—removing the barriers to access, retention, and advancement of talented students from historically excluded populations—Boost curriculum and activities provide meaningful connections between university students and under-resourced youth, primarily from urban Bay Area communities. In so doing we are preparing our students to be leaders in business, government, and non-profit organizations in our increasingly complex and pluralistic society.