History of DCAC

In 2007, UC Berkeley’s Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP) launched the Destination College Advising Corps as one of the ten founding chapters of the newly established National Advising Corps. With the seed funding from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, DCAC placed two Advisers in two Solano County high schools. The following year DCAC added a third high school site in Solano County and expanded the program to San Bernardino County to three new high schools.

In 2009, the DCAC model changed with the addition of two CEP program partners and a third partner program was added a year later. These partners included School/University Partnerships (SUP), the Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) and the Solano County Educational Consortium (SCEC) respectively. Each of these programs began to oversee placement of DCAC College Adviser Fellows into school sites and to provide training and guidance, while also serving as liaisons with with our schools and district partners. Managers from each of those programs became the DCAC manager team.

Today, DCAC has 48 full-time College Adviser Fellows in four counties throughout California (Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara and Solano).

Partnership with Boost@BerkeleyHaas 

The boost program has changed in many ways since our founding in 1989, but we are happy that our top-notch college advising has been consistent since 2013 due to our partnership with DCAC. All the advisers that have been placed with the boost program are nothing short of amazing. They are truly life changers for our students. The genuine care they have for the students is unmatched. All four of the advisers we have been able to work with are intelligent, driven, caring, compassionate, empathetic, hardworking, creative and overall amazing people. For most of our program history, we did not have a full time college adviser on staff, and now I can’t imagine not having a DCAC adviser in the boost program. The partnership is such an asset to all of our students and families.

DCAC Adviser Fellows

Kassy Vang


Fatima Andrade Martinez Headshot

Fatima Andrade Martinez


Vanessa Lopez


Althea Jardeleza