C2M’s entrepreneurs listed below, are associated with a wide range of leading accelerators, universities, government programs, as well as other top-tier organizations.

Algae for Biofuels

A new algae significantly improves biofuels processing efficiencies. Video

Enzyme to Break Down Cellulose

A new enzyme that reduces biofuel production costs and time. Website | Video not available.

Imprint Energy

Energy storage that can be printed directly onto electronic devices. WebsiteVideo

Open ADR

An open architecture protocol that allows multiple players to automate load management. Website | Video

Pico Cube

A wireless node platform that integrates energy sensing, harvesting, storage and communications into a single device. WebsiteVideo

MEMS Sensors

Small sensors that are simple, wireless, durable, inexpensive, and have a variety of smart grid uses. Website | Video

Metal Sulfides Solar

Solar cells that have the potential to be cheaper and more widely available than silicon. Website | Video

Building Energy Management

A gateway that allows homeowners to pre-program their energy consumption across a range of uses. Video

Silicon Solar

A new process that lowers the cost and raises the efficiency of silicon solar cells. Video

Silicon Battery

New polymer binder and silicon anode increase the performance of lithium ion batteries. Video