Learn About C2M’s Past Projects:

2023 C2M Projects

C-Quester, ChemFinity Technologies, CleanInnoGen Energy Solutions, Emission Free Generators (EFG), REEgen, Roca Water, Scope Zero, Tyfast Energy

2022 C2M Projects

Artyc, FLO Materials, Frost Methane, GenH, Intropic Materials, Niron Magnetics, Quino Energy, Windscape AI

2021 C2M Projects

Anthro Energy,  Benchmark Labs, Buzz Solutions, Dioxide Materials, RenewCO2

2020 C2M Projects

Fullmoon Sensors, Icarus RT, Radical Plastics, SiTration, Smartville, Terrafuse, Trophic

2019 C2M Projects

Brimstone Energy, Cypris, EnZinc, Noble Thermodynamics, Noon Energy, PARC, Takachar

2018 C2M Projects

Dauntless IO, HelioBioSys, Lucent Optics, Mosaic Materials, Opcondys, Treau

2017 C2M Projects

eCalcharge, GreenBlu, Grow Plastics, MICROrganic Technologies, Packetized Energy Technology, Sunvapor

2016 C2M Projects

Feasible, Nelumbo, Opus 12, Sepion, CalWave, Matrix Sensors, Synvitrobio

2015 C2M Projects

Connora Technologies, Indoor Reality, Skycool Systems, Spark Thermionics, XBOS, Gas to Liquids Catalyst, Hydrogen Storage

2014 C2M Projects

DC Microgrids, Energy Adaptive Networks, High Efficiency PV, Modroof, NearZero Flywheel, Soft Magnets, Phage Biofilm

2013 C2M Projects

CinderBio, FOLIUM, Insulating Windows Using Automated Shading, Micro-Synchrophasors in Distribution Systems, Plug-Through Energy Monitor, Sodium Sulfur Metal Battery, Point Source Power, Solar Pumping & Pasteurization

2012 C2M Projects

Bisabolane Biofuel, Field-Effect Doping, Stirling Engine, Organic Flash Cycle, Vibration Harvester, Lithium Sulfur Battery, Mosaic Materials, Personal Comfort Systems, Automated Building Management, Slice Energy, Sunlight Storage

2011 C2M Projects

Heliotrope, FLEXLAB, Home Energy Saver, Biofuels, Artificial Photosynthesis, Thermoelectric, Hydrogen, Flow Battery, Responsive Thermal Storage, Supercapacitor, Carbon Capture, Carbon Sequestration Ventilation Controls

2010 C2M Projects

Algae for Biofuels, Enzyme to Break Down Cellulose, Imprint Energy, Open ADR, Pico Cube, MEMS Sensors, Metal Sulfides Solar, Building Energy Management, Silicon Solar, Silicon Battery