C2M’s 2024 entrepreneurs listed below are the finalists from which student preferences will drive the selection of the final cohort. These startups are associated with a wide range of leading accelerators, universities, and government programs, including Activate, ARPA-E, Cleantech Open, Greentown Labs, as well as UC Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, and other top-tier organizations.


Cost-effective, clean ammonia production. Key Affiliations: UC Berkeley, Stanford, CalTech, Activate Berkeley (2024 Finalist) WebsiteKaren Baert, Co-Founder & CEOIntro Slide


​Low-cost ammonia production. Key Affiliations: iCorps, University of Connecticut, Activate Boston (2024 Finalist)  Website N/A │ Laron Burrows, CEO │ Video │  Intro Slide

Aquasaic Corporation

Harnessing biology to provide clean water access for the planet. Key Affiliations: Cleantech Open, iCorps, UC Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, Greentown Labs  Website N/A │ Shalmalee Pandit, Co-Founder & CEO │ VideoIntro Slide


Low-cost electrification of high-temperature industrial heat via thermal storage. Key Affiliations: UC Berkeley, Activate Berkeley (2024 Finalist) WebsitePauliina Meskanen, Co-Founder & CEO │ VideoIntro Slide


Cost-effective, chemical-free, scalable, low-power water technology for destroying PFAS. Key Affiliations: Cleantech Open, Activate Anywhere (2024 Finalist) Website Ljiljana Rajic, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer │ VideoIntro Slide


Using methane to produce high-value carbon materials (e.g., graphene) and clean hydrogen. Key Affiliations: DARPA, UC Berkeley, Harvard University, Boston University Website N/A │ Mohammad Shahjamali, Co-Founder & CEO │ VideoIntro Slide

Oleo Sustainable Palm Oil Solutions

Deforestation free, carbon-neutral alternative to palm oil. Key Affiliations: Stanford, Activate Berkeley (2024 Finalist) Website │ Gabriella Dweck, Co-Founder, Co-CEO & CPO │ VideoIntro Slide

Prospect Growth

Using proprietary nanoparticle production to create nanofertilizers that can increase growth and yield by 20-30%. Key Affiliations: Activate Boston (2024 Finalist), iCorps, Yale University │ WebsiteWyatt Arnold, Co-Founder, CEO │ VideoIntro Slide


Converting carbohydrates from waste streams into tunable, high-performance biodegradable fibers. Key Affiliations: Cyclotron Road, Activate Berkeley (2024 Finalist), MIT, UNCG Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering (JSNN) │ WebsiteHitesh Manglani, Co-Founder & CEO │ VideoIntro Slide

Varada Agriculture

RNA interference-based fungicides to reduce both infections and pesticide use. Key Affiliations: Cyclotron Road, Activate Boston, iCorps, NSF, UC Berkeley │ WebsiteJyoti Taneja, CEO │ VideoIntro Slide