C2M’s entrepreneurs listed below, are associated with a wide range of leading accelerators, universities, government programs, as well as other top-tier organizations.


New coatings with improved ability to control heat and light wihout sacrificing light quality. Website | Video


Integrated test facility for net zero energy building products and controls. Website | Video

Home Energy Saver

Comprehensive database of energy management tools and techniques that users can build on. Website | Video


Cellular engineering that optimizes plant vitality while reducing lignin-related processing costs. Website | Video

Artificial Photosynthesis

Photoelectric discovery to help create fuels from water and carbon dioxide. Website | Video


Low cost approach to generating electricity from low quality heat using new materials. Video


Improved catalyst to generate hydrogen from water. Video

Flow Battery

Hydrogen-bromine flow-battery for grid applications with new component designs. Video

Responsive Thermal Storage

Responsive distributed thermal storage to shift load and help manage grid operations. Video


A supercapacitor based on 3D substrates that provides higher per-area performance. Video

Carbon Capture

An approach to capturing carbon from coal that preserves more generating capacity. Video

Carbon Sequestration

New polymers to accelerate carbon sequestration in minerals for storage. Video

Ventilation Controls

Dynamic controls to optimize residential air quality and energy efficiency. Video