C2M’s entrepreneurs listed below, are associated with a wide range of leading accelerators, universities, government programs, as well as other top-tier organizations.


CinderBio has produced a set of enzymes that excel in hot, acidic conditions that are unreachable with current enzymes. Website | Video


Unlike other biofuels that require fermentation to create fuel, FOLIUM bio-crude can be extracted from tobacco leaves and dropped directly into existing refinery hydrocracking facilities in place of petroleum crude. Website | Video

Insulating Windows Using Automated Shading

Researchers at LBL have created a highly efficient window that uses a combination of multiple layers of glass and an automated smart shade that can be connected to a smart home automation system. Video

Micro-Synchrophasors in Distribution Systems

The big data from these sensors will power a suite of applications to enable a smart grid that is also safe and reliable. Website | Video

Plug-Through Energy Monitor

Researchers at UCB have developed a technology that is much smaller, cheaper, and uses lower power than existing measurement devices. Website | Video

Sodium Sulfur Metal Battery

Researchers at LBL have developed a new sodium sulfur battery that operates at lower temperature thereby improving durability, safety, and driving down costs. Website | Video

Point Source Power

Point Source Power has developed a rugged solid oxide fuel cell that can generate low-cost power from unrefined fuels at the wellhead. Video

Solar Pumping & Pasteurization

Researchers at LBL have combined proven technologies into a simple device that not only pumps but also simultaneously pasteurizes water using solar thermal energy. Video