eCalCharge develops and implements strategies for electric vehicle smart charging. The company brings together data from electric vehicles, power networks and charging infrastructure to unlock the value of electric vehicle mobility data. eCalCharge transforms fleets of electric vehicles into virtual power plants and designs the most valuable energy management strategies for automakers, EV drivers and the energy sector. WebsiteVideo


GreenBlu offers a cost-effective, off-grid water treatment solution, that can be applied to a variety of markets. Through materials innovations, GreenBlu’s modified thermal distillation cycle produces, potable water from seawater or wastewater, lowering the cost of water treatment and reducing its environmental impact. This double bottom line benefit makes GreenBlu an exciting technology in several water treatment applications. WebsiteVideo

Grow Plastics

There is an increasing demand for more sustainable plastics, but the current alternatives do not perform as well as conventional plastics. Grow Plastics creates sandwich panel structures in bioplastics that enable stronger, lighter products than comparable technologies. This technology has a wide variety of applications including food packaging and performance sports products. WebsiteVideo

MICROrganic Technologies

Municipal wastewater treatment in the US uses more electricity than the installed capacity of wind and solar. MICROrganic’s microbial fuel cell technology replaces aeration – the most energy-intensive process in wastewater treatment – with a modular, energy-neutral treatment solution. With a pilot already installed and a proven, scaled manufacturing platform, MICROrganic is beginning commercialization with the craft brewery market. WebsiteVideo

Packetized Energy Technology

Packetized Energy Technology (PET) is a software and hardware platform that manages distributed energy resources. It can address the most pressing challenges to the integration of renewable energy on the grid. PET utilizes a bottom-up approach with a patent-pending algorithm to ensure end-user quality of service, grid security, and user privacy in an automated and scalable control system. WebsiteVideo


A whopping 75% of energy consumed in the global industrial sector is used for process heat. Unfortunately, this under-discussed source of energy demand has not seen the same renewables revolution as electric power. Sunvapor aims to break this barrier through its design of a disruptively low cost concentrated solar thermal array – an innovation that can revolutionize the industrial energy landscape. WebsiteVideo