C2M’s entrepreneurs listed below, are associated with a wide range of leading accelerators, universities, government programs, as well as other top-tier organizations.

Dauntless IO

Dauntless IO offers machine learning algorithms that predict and control complex physical systems. The technology is seamlessly integrated from the base hardware and low-level assembly code, all the way up to an easy-to-use interface that runs within a web browser. Early potential applications include cameras and processing chips capable of predicting and controlling near-chaotic functions in sub-millisecond real-time. WebsiteVideo


HelioBioSys can create a variety of biomaterials using only sunlight, air, and cyanobacteria. These bacteria are highly efficient, robust, and can be grown in open raceway ponds. Working together, this community of bacteria produces complex polymers with properties that are highly valued in a number of biomaterials markets. WebsiteVideo

Lucent Optics

Lucent Optics is a clear, flexible plastic film material that redirects light with high efficiency. One unique feature is that it redirects light internally, hence, the film surface can be totally smooth and laminated onto surfaces or customized with any functional or decorative texture. The material also provides unusually high bend angles (> 90°) for redirecting light. WebsiteVideo

Mosaic Materials

Mosaic Materials’ novel metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are a class of porous solids that act as ultra-high capacity sponges for targeted gases. With an immense number of available adsorption sites, they can regenerate efficiently and be tuned to capture specific gasses. Mosaic’s MOFs outperform other gas separation technologies, including absorption and distillation. WebsiteVideo


The opticondistor (OTV) is a new device controlled by light that exceeds the capabilities of existing semiconductor switches. Power flows through the bulk of the device rather than a narrow region as in existing semiconductors. Voltage and temperature characteristics as well as faster response times provide the OTV with superior power handling ability. The OTV can enable smaller, lighter, and more energy-efficient power equipment. WebsiteVideo


Treau is committed to changing the way we cool our homes by slashing the energy intensity of HVAC globally. Today, about 20% of global emissions come from the cooling sector. By utilizing advancements made with their novel, inexpensive, and lightweight polymer heat exchanger, Treau has developed a highly-efficient window air conditioning unit to be launched in the US in the coming year. WebsiteVideo