C2M’s entrepreneurs listed below, are associated with a wide range of leading accelerators, universities, government programs, as well as other top-tier organizations.

Anthro Energy

Flexible, deformable, impact-resistant batteries, using advanced, non-flammable ion-conducting polymer electrolyte to enable next-generation applications. Website

Benchmark Labs

High-resolution, asset-specific environmental forecasts, applying nonlinear machine learning to public, private, and in-situ weather data from IoT sensors. Website

Buzz Solutions

AI-powered software platform for automated visual inspections, providing anomaly detection and data analysis tools for energy infrastructure and antiquated industries. Website

Dioxide Materials

Designs, builds, and sells electrolyzers for conversion of CO2 into feedstocks to produce primary fuels and chemicals. Website


Carbon-negative electrochemical process that converts CO2 to plastic precursors and other molecules, replacing fossil fuel-derived feedstock. Website