C2M’s entrepreneurs listed below, are associated with a wide range of leading accelerators, universities, government programs, as well as other top-tier organizations.


Refrigerant-free, long-duration, battery-powered cold transport and storage for keeping products at temperature throughout the supply chain. Website │ Video

FLO Materials

A portfolio of infinitely recyclable polymers offering recycling-as-a-service and providing turn-key solutions for circular product design, circular manufacturing, and end-of-life product management. Website │ Video

Frost Methane

Finds concentrated methane sources, designs and installs highly efficient, remotely monitored flares to destroy the methane, and bids these projects into carbon offset markets. Website │ Video


Rapidly deployable, fully modular hydropower system to electrify the~90k non-powered dams and canal heads without construction or need for storage to generate clean, stable, and cost-competitive renewable energy. Website │ Video

Intropic Materials

Makes plastics truly composable and self-destructing by embedding degrading enzymes inside, enabled by a patented, tunable, scalable, orthogonal enzyme stabilization platform. Website │ Video

Niron Magnetics

Powerful, low cost, and environmentally sustainable permanent magnets to free electrification from dependence on rare earth elements. Website │ Video

Quino Energy

Practical, scalable, and non-flammable energy storage for homes and grids, made possible by a proprietary zero-waste process that transforms coal and wood tar into designer flow-battery reactants. Website │ Video

Windscape AI

Increases wind farm energy production, uptime, and ROI, processing AI data from very low-cost sensors around wind projects. Patented. Demonstrated. Website │ Video