Classroom Requests


Academic courses have priority booking in classroom space. Classrooms may also be reserved by Berkeley Haas students, staff, and faculty for activities and programs in accordance with existing university policies, campus regulations, and any Haas-specific restrictions.

There are two time periods that affect the method of placing classroom requests: the indirect booking and direct booking period.

Please see below for more details regarding each booking period.

Direct Bookings Periods

Indirect Booking Periods
2/12/2024 – 4/28/2024 4/29/2024 – mid September 2024
mid September 2024 – 12/8/2024 12/9/2024 – mid February 2025
mid February 2025 – 5/4/2025 5/5/2025 – mid February 2025

We are currently in the Indirect Booking period. Classrooms must be requested via the Classroom Request Form .

Please allow at least 2 business days to process your requests– same day requests or requests with a shorter notice may not be accommodated. Weekend requests must be submitted by 10am the preceding Thursday (or preceding work day for holidays).

Once a request has been processed, the requestor will be notified of the status via email.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]. Be sure to include the date and time of your request.

Indirect Booking Period:

The indirect period includes the first few weeks of the semester, RRR/Finals week, and all of summer sessions. During this time, the EMS “Classroom Requests” template is closed to prioritize academic scheduling. Classrooms must be requested via the Classroom Request Form .

Before submitting a request through the Classroom Request Form, please review classroom availability on EMS (under Locations). If the classroom is available, a tentative reservation can placed. Tentative reservations will be confirmed 48 hours prior to the requested date (or once the direct booking period begins).

Direct Booking Period:

Once the academic schedule is settled, the direct booking period begins. Classroom requests must be submitted directly through EMS using the “Classroom Requests” template. Requests submitted through EMS will be processed as soon as possible. Once processed, the requestor will be notified if the request has been confirmed or declined via email.

If you are unable to request a date in EMS, that date is likely outside of the direct booking period. Please see the indirect booking policy for how to submit your request.

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