What to Do in a Shooting Incident

Should a shooter or a person with a weapon appear on campus, call 911 as soon as safely possible. The University Police Department is trained to deal with this incident and will respond immediately upon notification.

The following suggestions are general in nature and may not apply in all circumstances, as each situation is different. You will have to decide whether to hide or run, fight or obey. Use good judgment to determine what is best to protect yourself and others.

If you are in the same room or immediate area as the shooter:

  • Obey the shooter unless it endangers you or someone else.
  • Remain quiet.
  • Do not argue with or provoke the shooter.
  • Avoid looking the shooter in the eyes.
  • Be observant.
  • Try to take cover as soon as you can.

If you are in the vicinity of or in the same building as the shooter:

  • Take cover and remain still if shots are being fired at or near you.
  • Alert others of the situation and location of shooter.
  • Depending on the circumstance, you may want to consider pretending to be injured.
  • If you can, remove others from the line of fire.
  • If you can, assist the injured.
  • Do not run in a straight line.
  • While running, use trees, cars, bushes, or anything to cover your escape.
  • If you can, leave the danger area immediately.
  • If you hide, ask yourself is this a good spot.
  • Barricade yourself in the room with desks, furniture, etc.
  • Stay away from windows.
  • Lock your door.
  • Turn off lights and audio equipment (silence your cell phone).
  • Stay calm.
  • If you can, keep surveillance until law enforcement arrives.
  • Follow directions of law enforcement.
  • Call 911 and give the following information:
    • Building / Site Name and location.
    • Your name and phone number.
    • Exact location and number of shooters.
    • Description of shooter, type of weapon, number of hostages, if any.
    • Number and location of injured persons.

When the police arrive, they may not know who the shooter(s) are, yet perpetrators have been known to hide among students. Therefore it is important to obey all law enforcement commands. Officers may order everyone to raise their hands or even place handcuffs on them. This is done for safety reasons to prevent further injury and possible escape by the perpetrator(s).