Spring 2012

Last Updated: May 3, 2012

The seminars are scheduled every Thursday from 11:10 am-12:30 pm in room C220 Cheit Hall (except for May 2). These seminars are free and are open to the public.

Faculty Coordinator, Spring Seminars: Professor Marcus Opp

March 8 Thursday

Lauren Cohen (Harvard University)
Friends in High Places (with Christopher Malloy, Harvard University) (pdf file))
Pre-seminar faculty member: Terrance Odean

March 15 Thursday

Markus Brunnermeier (Princeton University)
The I Theory of Money (with Yuliy Sannikov, Princeton University) (pdf file)
Pre-seminar faculty member: Jim Wilcox

March 22 Thursday

Marcus Opp (University of California, Berkeley)
Oligopolistic Business Cycle Amplification (with Christine Parlour and Johan Walden, University of California, Berkeley) (pdf file))
Pre-seminar faculty member: Martin Lettau

March 29 Thursday

Spring Break – No Seminar

April 5 Thursday

Miguel Cantillo (IESE Business School, University of Navarra)
Dynamic Investment with Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard (pdf file)
Pre-seminar faculty member: Dwight Jaffee

April 12 Thursday

Alp Simsek (Harvard University)
Speculation and Risk Sharing with New Financial Assets (pdf file)
Pre-seminar faculty member: Johan Walden

April 19 Thursday

Luigi Zingales (University of Chicago)
Inefficient Provision of Liquidity (with Oliver Hart, Harvard University) (pdf file)
Pre-seminar faculty member: Richard Stanton

April 26 Thursday

Xavier Gabaix (New York University)
Boundedly Rational Dynamic Programming (paper link) – Paper updated on 4/24/12
Pre-seminar faculty member: Alexei Tchistyi

May 2 Wednesday

Joint Stanford-Berkeley Seminar at Berkeley
2:30-5:40 pm – Executive Learning Classroom, Room S480

2:30-3:20 pm Ken Singleton, Stanford
Investor Flows and the 2008 Boom/Bust in Oil Prices (pdf file)
3:20-3:40 pm Discussant: Richard Stanton, Berkeley
3:40-3:50 pm Floor Discussion
3:50-4:20 pm Break
4:20-5:10 pm Speaker Brett Green, Berkeley
Distribution in Developing Markets (with Willie Fuchs and David Levine, University of California, Berkeley) (pdf file)
5:10-5:30 pm Discussant: Peter DeMarzo, Stanford
5:30-5:40 pm Floor Discussion

May 10 Thursday

Martin Oehmke (Columbia University)
Should Derivatives be Privileged in Bankruptcy? (with Patrick Bolton, Columbia University) (pdf file)
Pre-seminar faculty member: Nicolae Gârleanu

For more information about the Finance Seminars, please contact June Wong, faculty assistant, at (510)642-1499 or e-mail her: [email protected]