The Haas School of Business Visiting Scholar Program seeks to maximize the networking opportunities for visiting scholars at Haas.

Join the Haas Alumni Network (HAN)

The Haas Alumni Network (HAN) has a growing network of over 36,000 alumni worldwide with volunteer coordinators in 58 countries and 34 US locations. All degree holders, current students, and faculty are automatically considered members of HAN. Now visiting scholars also have the opportunity to join the Haas Alumni Network. One of the main benefits of HAN is the people you will meet. HAN is committed to helping you connect to students and graduates of Haas, as well as to industry contacts who may provide invaluable help with your professional aspirations and your goals to grow your network of contacts in the course of your visitorship. To join the Haas Alumni Network send an email to the Visiting Scholar Administrator.

To tap into your network, make use of these resources provided by HAN:

Your time in Berkeley enriches our global community of 38,000+ alumni. Though the majority of your alumni benefits will be offered through your home institution, Berkeley Haas Alumni Relations proudly offers you exclusive access to our shared network:

  • Join the Berkeley Haas Alumni Group on LinkedIn, with 17,000+ vetted alumni, faculty, students, and staff members. Add your Berkeley Haas experience to your profile to easily start conversations with Berkeley Haas partners and collaborators.
  • Remain active in the Alumni Network through regional chapters and events. Subscribe to all lists that apply for a host of engagement opportunities, with Berkeley Haas alumni events happening six out of seven days around the globe.

These benefits are available to you immediately following the official start of your time in Berkeley. Please work directly with your host Program Office to initiate access.

HAN-LinkedIn® Partnership

HAN has formed a special group within LinkedIn, today’s premier online professional networking application. Through LinkedIn your network includes all Haas alumni 13,300+ verified alumni who have opted-in, and can connect you to non-Haas alumni connected to Haas graduates. Along with professional networking, LinkedIn now includes a jobs database. To learn more about how to join LinkedIn’s Haas/Berkeley Alumni group, and how to use this tool to expand your network tool within and beyond HAN, click on the link above.

Berkeley China Initiative

BCI is an ambitious, multi-faceted effort to help the University of California, Berkeley strengthen research and teaching about China, forge new international partnerships, and enrich public life through a variety of programs. BCI seeks to support the Center for Chinese Studies by enhancing the Center’s existing efforts, and seeding future initiatives across the full spectrum of the humanities, the social sciences, the sciences, and the professional schools.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute is a vibrant community of adults, aged 50 and above, who are intent on being exposed to both new fields of knowledge as well as traditional disciplines. The Institute offers a wide range of courses that are taught without examination or grades for which instructors are urged to pursue courses they have long wished to teach, prompted by their specialized areas of research. OLLI also hosts weekly lecture series, special events for the community, and provides an open forum for the expression of new and innovative ideas. Visiting scholars are encouraged to consider proposing a formal or informal speaking opportunity with the OLLI, bringing both their diverse cultural backgrounds and specialized fields of knowledge into this dynamic educational forum. Click on the link above to learn more about OLLI. If you are interested in proposing a lecture for OLLI contact the Visiting Scholar Administrator.