Haas Alumni Network Email and Haas Email Forwarding

UC Berkeley is offering graduates a free email account. The advantage of having this account is to provide you with cloud-based tools, such as, Drive (storage), Calendar, Talk, etc..

More importantly, this service will support your alumni forwarding account(s):


To keep your email forwarding active, you must claim your account before
December 23, 2016 (deadline extended)


How do I claim my email address?

If You Have a Calnet ID:

  1. Go to @cal’s Alumni Email page. You’ll be asked to log in with your CalNet ID and passphrase. Forgot CalNet ID? or Password?
  2. Accept the user policy, and your address and inbox will be created within 24 hours.
  3. After you receive the confirmation email log back into @cal and set your new email to forward to your personal email of choice (Instructions here)

If You Do Not Have a Calnet ID:

  1. Request a CalNet ID by filling out the Contact Us form located at the bottom of the page. Campus will respond with a CalNet token and direct you to the CalNet registration page. Simply fill out the registration form, confirm your unique CalNet ID to access @cal
  2. Follow the instructions for "If you Have a Calnet ID" outlined above

What is a CalNet ID?

A CalNet ID is a unique ID used to log into campus networks and to @cal Alumni Network. If you graduated in 2009 or after OR have previously logged into @cal Alumni Network you already have one. Forgot CalNet ID? or Password?

Can I get an @berkeley email account after the deadline?

You can claim your email any time before December 2017. However, if you don’t claim your account within one year, it will be deactivated.

What happens to my alumni forwarding address?

Once you claim your account and receive the email confirmation, log back into @cal and your emails will be available.

Forwarding service to all,, and addresses will be routed through the email after December 23.

What if I use an email client to access my alumni forwarding emails?

No settings will change in your email client!! However, you will need to log back into @cal and set your new email to forward to your personal email of choice (Instructions here)

How do I use @berkeley to "send from" my alumni forwarding?

Click here for instructions

What if I used my alumni forwarding to create a google account?

Some users created a personal Google Account using their alumni forwarding email address. Therefore, when you claim your @berkeley email Google sees this as a conflicting account. When you next sign in to your personal Google Account, you'll be asked to resolve this conflicting account by creating a new google account OR adding to an account you already have. You will not be able to use your @berkeley as the new account. Click here for more information.


Need Help? Contact:


To Recap (Once You Have a CalnetID):