Haas Alumni Network


Accelerate your career when you join this professionally focused networking community. Within LinkedIn, the Berkeley-Haas Alumni Group is a free networking option exclusive to the Haas community. The group includes over 16,000 Haas alumni, faculty, staff, and students.


Through our group, you can:

    • Leverage the power of the Haas Alumni Network to connect with Haas alumni AND their non-Haas contacts.
    • Search LinkedIn's jobs database, then connect with alumni group members at that company.
    • Target your LinkedIn searches to Haas alumni or broaden your search to all LinkedIn members.

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Affinity Groups

Connect with alumni and students with a range of shared interests:

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Important note:

LinkedIn functions independently from our @cal alumni directory. There is no synchronization between the databases. So, be sure to also keep your @cal profile updated.