Research Themes

Research in behavioral health economics at Berkeley explores the effect that psychological factors can play within the health care sector, in health-related choices and in (mental) health outcomes.

The following members of the O’Donnell Center for Behavioral Economics are working in these areas:

Recent Work

Augenblick, N., Kolstad, J., Obermeyer, Z., & Wang, A. (2022). Pooled testing efficiency increases with test frequency. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 119(2). Abstract

Bai, L., Handel, B., Miguel, E., & Rao, G. (2021). Self-control and demand for preventive health: Evidence from hypertension in India. Review of Economics and Statistics, 103(5), 835-856. Abstract

Boone, C. E., Celhay, P., Gertler, P., Gracner, T., & Rodriguez, J. (2022). How Scheduling Systems with Automated Appointment Reminders Improve Health Clinic Efficiency. Journal of Health Economics, 102598. Abstract