Research Themes

Behavioral Public Finance and Taxes provide an insight into the role of human decision-making in public policy, taxation, public spending and optimal pension provision from a theoretical, as well as from an examining perspective. It also sheds light on questions around tax compliance and preferences for redistribution. Researchers at UC Berkeley are actively contributing to this field.

The following member of the O’Donnell Center for Behavioral Economics is working in these areas:

Recent Work

Nathan, B. C., Perez-Truglia, R., & Zentner, A. (2020). My Taxes are Too Darn High: Why Do Households Protest Their Taxes? (No. w27816). National Bureau of Economic Research. Abstract

Bergolo, M. L., Leites, M., Perez-Truglia, R., & Strehl, M. (2020). What Makes a Tax Evader? (No. w28235). National Bureau of Economic Research. Abstract

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