The Haas School of Business invites you participate in research conducted by faculty and graduate students at Haas. These experiments offer you the opportunity to learn about research in business, and may even be fun! Paid experiments are compensated on average $15/hr.

To sign up, go to and create an account. Experiments are posted regularly.

Location of Behavioral Lab in Haas

The majority of the studies occur on the 5th floor of the Haas School faculty building, F503, F505 or on the 2nd floor of the Student Services building S210 and S212. Here’s a perspective view of campus for reference.

Research Participation Program

Frequently asked questions about RPP.

Fall 2023 Requirements and Timeline

UGBA 105: You will be required to complete up to 5 hours of OB studies.

UGBA 106: You will be required to complete up to 3 hours of Marketing studies.

The Fall 2023 RPP window for both UGBA 105 and UGBA 106 will be Oct 16th – Dec 10th

Any issues that come up during RPP should be reported to this Google Form— or by emailing [email protected].

Alternative Assignment

If you choose to not participate in studies for your class you can fulfill the credit requirement by writing a critical response to an Organizational Behavior journal article (for 105) or a Marketing journal article (for 106). You can also write an alternative assignment to make up credits that you did not earn by participating in studies. The Behavioral Lab does not provide articles to write about. We encourage you to use Google Scholar to find articles from journals. You can search terms you learned in class. For each 2 pages of response you write, you earn 1 credit of RPP (e.g. 1 page = 0.5 credits, 2 pages = 1 credit, 4 pages = 2 credits etc). The paper must have 1.5 inch margins on bottom and top and 1 inch margins on the sides, Times New Roman 12 pt font, and be double spaced.  You can write on multiple journal articles and spread out the page count however you want. You should have a works cited page that does not count towards your total page count.

You must submit the papers in PDF format by the end of RPP, by midnight to [email protected]. With the subject headline [Your Name] UGBA 105: Alternative Assignment [#of credits] or [Your Name] UGBA 106: Alternative Assignment [# of credits].

Using the SONA system

  • Studies will still take place at BLab in Haas or in Xlab (below Hearst Gym) but sign ups and participation tracking are administered online. Your account will be set up by the Behavioral Lab Manager (2 weeks before the start of your RPP window for both UGBA 105 and 106).
    When you complete an RPP study, credit will NOT be automatically assigned to a course. You MUST allocate credits to your courses YOURSELF. Credits CANNOT be cross-allocated between UGBA 105 and UGBA 106. Credits must be earned for each course separately and must be earned DURING the semester you are enrolled in them. Studies that offer monetary compensation will not be count towards your credit count.

Paid Participants

  • In behavioral research studies, participants may complete questionnaires, interact in groups, or participate in computer-based experiments. One study session typically lasts 30 to 60 minutes. Participants are paid on average $15/hour.
  • Once you create an account on SONA, you will be notified if there are any studies that you qualify for.
  • If you received an email but the advertised study is not shown on SONA, it is already filled.

If you are unable or unwilling to participate in a study, as a courtesy to the experimenter we ask that you cancel your appointment or email the experimenter if it is too late to cancel on SONA. Your account will become limited after failing to show up for 4 scheduled studies, after which you will only be able to sign up for alternative research activities if such are offered.


Email us: [email protected].