Berkeley Haas Blockchain Initiative | Founding Member of Ripple UBRI

Berkeley Haas is one of 40 prestigious universities around the world partnering with Ripple on a multi-million dollar University Blockchain Research Initiative.

The Berkeley Haas Blockchain Initiative awards grants for academic research and supporting activities in the following areas:

  1. Blockchain and distributed systems.
  2. Cryptocurrency and digital payments.
  3. Cryptography, particularly as it relates to the above topics.
  4. Related subject areas such as blockchain for economic development and global financial inclusion will also be considered.
  • Funding is available for faculty to support their research, teaching, curriculum development, case studies, cross-departmental collaboration, thought leadership and other research activities in the above subject areas.
  • Funding is available for student research projects in the above subject areas with the support of a faculty member (either ladder or professional)