Every company has its own set of opportunities, challenges and aspirations. For companies seeking a competitive advantage, we partner with you to build learning experiences tailored specifically to your objectives

Berkeley Executive Education

Whether you’re implementing a new business model, scaling your business, developing your talent or entering a new market, Berkeley Executive Education forges long-lasting partnerships to design and deliver programs directly aligned with your business initiatives and organizational culture.

Innovation Acceleration Group

Many companies are now taking advantage of our newly formed Innovation Acceleration Group. The Innovation Acceleration Group assists in the market delivery of customer validated innovations focused on leveraging new technologies and establishing disruptive business models.IAG has helped teams launch new products, services and business models in one-third the time at one-tenth the cost of traditional methods. The programs’ immersive experience turns your employees into innovators, armed with a repeatable and scalable process they can use again and again.

Panos N. Patatoukas

Assoc. Prof. Panos N. Patatoukas has received the prestigious 2017 Notable Contributions to Accounting Literature Award for his research on the implications of major customer relationships for supplier firm performance and valuation.

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