Spring 2003

Last Updated: May 14, 2003

The seminars are scheduled every Thursday from 4:10-5:40 pm in Room C210 Cheit Hall (unless otherwise indicated). These seminars are free and are open to the public.

February 27 Thursday

Bernard Black (Stanford Law School)
Does Corporate Governance Affect Firm Value? Evidence from Korea (with Hasung Jang and Woochan Kim) (pdf file)

March 6 Thursday

Jay Ritter (University of Florida)
Why Has IPO Underpricing Changed Over Time? (with Tim Loughran) (pdf file)

March 13 Thursday

Kristin Forbes (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
One Cost of the Chilean Capital Controls: Increased Financial Constraints for Smaller Traded Firms (pdf file)

March 20 Thursday

Simon Gervais (University of Pennsylvania)
Delegated Monitoring of Fund Managers (with Anthony Lynch and David Musto) (pdf file)

March 27 Thursday

No Seminar – Spring Break

April 3 Thursday

Kose John (New York University)
Design of Corporate Governance: Role of Ownership Structure, Takeovers, and Bank Debt Main paper (pdf file)
Institutions, Markets and Growth: A Theory of Comparative Corporate Governance Related paper (pdf file) (both papers with Simi Kedia, Harvard University)

April 10 Thursday

Charles Plott (California Institute of Technology)
Principles of Market Disequilibrium Dynamics and Adjustments in Multiple Market and General Equilibrium Systems: Lessons from Large Laboratory Experiments
Abstract (pdf file)
Background paper (pdf file)

April 17 Thursday

No Seminar

April 22 TUESDAY — Room C210 Cheit

Raghuram Rajan (University of Chicago)
Money in a Theory of Banking (with Douglas Diamond, University of Chicago) (pdf file)

May 1 Thursday

Owen Lamont (University of Chicago)
Go Down Fighting: Short Sellers vs. Firms (pdf file)

May 8 Thursday

Anjan Thakor (University of Michigan)
The Economic Value of Flexibility When There is Disagreement (pdf file) and
Disagreement and Flexibility: A Theory of Optimal Security Issuance and Capital Structure (pdf file) (both papers with Arnoud Boot, University of Amsterdam)


Joint Stanford-Berkeley Seminar at Berkeley
2:30-5:30 PM, Room C220 Cheit Hall

2:30 Ulrike Malmendier (Stanford), Contract Design and Self-Control: Theory and Evidence (with Stefano Della Vigna, UC Berkeley) (pdf file)
Discussant: Chris Hennessy (Berkeley)

3:50-4:10 Break

4:10 Jacob Sagi (Berkeley), Anchored Preference Relations (pdf file)
Discussant: Ming Huang (Stanford)

May 22 Thursday

Nicholas Barberis (University of Chicago)
Individual Preferences, Monetary Gambles and the Equity Premium (with Ming Huang, Stanford University, and Richard Thaler, University of Chicago) (pdf file)
Room C220 Cheit Hall