When students study at Berkeley Haas, they build a foundation across sectors of the economy and social and environmental issues.

Inside the classroom and out, we offer dynamic learning opportunities to undertake real-life consulting projects, manage socially responsible funds, and engage with world-class instructors.


Fall 2018 MBA292B / EWMBA292B Nonprofit Boards Heinrich, Lynne L.
Fall 2018 MBA292J Haas Socially Responsible Investment Fund Olesky, Samuel J.; Hanson, Dan
Fall 2018 MBA292N Food Innovation Studio Rosenzweig, William B.; Yeh, Caroline
Fall 2018 MBA292N Large-Scale Social Change: Social Movements Silver, Nora L.
Fall 2018 MBA292N / EWMBA292N Social Impact Marketing Buechert, Courtney
Fall 2018 MBA292N / EWMBA292N Social Impact Metrics Boyle, Colin F.
Fall 2018 MBA292T Managing Human Rights in Business McElrath, Roger G.; Natour, Faris
Fall 2018 MBA292T / EWMBA292T Business & Natural Resources Romero-Hernandez, Omar
Fall 2018 MBA292T / EWMBA292T Design and Evaluation of Development Technology Wolfram, Catherine D.; Gadgil, Ashok
Fall 2018 MBA292T / EWMBA292T Social Lean Launchpad Calderon, Jorge; Sze, Julia
Fall 2018 MBA292T / EWMBA292T The Business Case for Investing in Women McElhaney, Kellie A.
Fall 2018 UGBA192N Management Consulting Skills for Social Impact Dougherty, Joseph
Fall 2018 UGBA192N Negotiating Human Rights Solutions In Business Saretsky, Marissa
Fall 2018 UGBA192N Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Justis, Cleveland; Silver, Nora L.
Fall 2018 UGBA192P Strategic CSR and Consulting Projects Kobori, Michael; Low, Glen J.
Fall 2018 UGBA192T Business Models and Strategies for a Better World Rochlin, David
Fall 2018 UGBA39AC Philanthropy: A Cross-Cultural Perspective Lacon, Colin P.; Perez, Alicia

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