Working Papers


“The Sweet Life: Long-Term Effects of a Sugar-Rich Early Childhood” (2023), by Paul Gertler & Tadeja Gračner

“Using Lotteries to Attract Deposits” (2023), by Paul Gertler, Sean Higgins, Aisling Scott & Enrique Seira

“Mortality from Nestlé’s Marketing of Infant Formula in Low and Middle-Income Countries” (2023), by Jesse K. Anttila-Hughes, Lia C.H. Fernald, Paul Gertler, Patrick Krause, Eleanor Tsai & Bruce Wydick

“Making Entrepreneurs: The Returns to Training Youth in Hard versus Soft Business Skills” (2023), by Laura Chioda, David Contreras-Loya, Paul Gertler & Dana Carney

“Promoting Parental Involvement in Schools: Evidence from Two Randomized Experiments” (2023), by Felipe Barrera-Osorio, Paul Gertler, Nozomi Nakajima & Harry Patrinos

“Encouraging Preventative Care to Manage Chronic Disease at Scale” (2023), by Claire E. Boone, Pablo A. Celhay, Paul Gertler & Tadeja Gračner

“Road Maintenance and Local Economic Development: Evidence from Indonesia’s Highways” (2023), by Paul Gertler, Marco Gonzalez-Navarro, Tadeja Gračner & Alexander D. Rothenberg


“Effect of the Jamaica Early Childhood Stimulation Intervention on Labor Market Outcomes at Age 31” (2022), by Paul Gertler, James J. Heckman, Rodrigo Pinto, Susan M. Chang, Sally Grantham-McGregor, Christel Vermeersch, Susan Walker & Amika Wright


“Financing Municipal Water and Sanitation Services in Nairobi’s Informal Settlements” (2021), by Aidan Coville, Sebastian Galiani, Paul Gertler & Susumu Yoshida

“Digital Collateral” (2021), by Paul Gertler, Brett Green & Catherine Wolfram

“Vulnerability and Clientelism” (2021), by Gustavo J. Bobonis, Paul Gertler, Marco Gonzalez-Navarro & Simeon Nichter

“Effect of Non-contributory Pensions on Material and Psychological Well-Being of Older Adults” (2021), by Rosangela Bando, Sebastian Galiani & Paul Gertler